Silverstone Race GP2 2016

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Race 1

Started like his teammate from the back, Armand Philo was the author of a balanced and careful race, primarily designed to improve its speed and hard especially on the Silverstone circuit. The race of the Indonesian pilot was unfortunately compromised by a blockage occurred in Turn 3, which led to the complete spiattellamento the front left tire. The performance of the young Indonesian has been compromised by this time until the pit stop, during which it has gone to the compound Option. Philo has nevertheless been shown to have a good pace and feeling with the car right up to the checkered flag.


Race 2

Performance adrenaline less balanced but at the same time to his teammate Armand Philo shows that even during the Sprint Race progress in terms of feeling and the car handling and tire wear acquired. The conservative driving style allowed him to cross the line in twentieth position, the same that started without making mistakes even towards the end of the race because of changed asphalt track conditions.