Monaco Race 2 GP2 2016

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The Monte Carlo weekend, albeit fascinating and extremely challenging for drivers and teams, seems to start a bit ‘uphill for the home boys Trident.
The young Indonesian rookie starts its Monaco GP with a rather positive qualifying Thursday. Armand Philo earns for the feature race the seventeenth place, and thanks to a clean and precise guidance falls at the end of the session without any damage to his car. The home rider Trident part with soft tires, the strategy adopted to Philo can stay as long as possible on the track. The departure of young Indonesian has unfortunately affected by excessive slip of the car, which involves the loss of some positions. Philo, however, is the author of a good comeback, partly hampered by two penalties incurred during the race. Closes this first race of the Monaco GP in sixteenth position.

Started from sixteenth place in Race 2, Armand Philo could turn on the track for only four laps. After a good start, the young Indonesian is adept at juggling within the group and manages the traffic with prudence and precision. Philo, however, is attacked by the rival Jordan King within the narrow Loews hairpin trajectory. The home rider Trident, trying to avoid contact with the car of the team Racing Engineering, broadens its trajectory but completely road blocked forces him to infill with caps on the track with the consequent shutdown of the car. Race finished in the middle of the fourth round for the Indonesian pilot.