Austrian Race GP2 2016

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Race 1

For the race of Philo Armand weather conditions we have been very impactful and decisive. While taking the last box, the Indonesian driver Trident house managed to gain several positions right away. Thanks to a good race pace and so Philo determination has resulted in a few laps in fifteenth position, showing the author of skilled and efficient overtaking.
The succession of rain and the various off-track opponents, led the young driver to adopt a more prudent and conservative driving style. The slow pace of the cost, however, is the loss of some positions previously earned.
The red flag has unfortunately compressed the final races of the Indonesian pilot, who has mistakenly found to overtake the safety car at the beginning of the pit lane. This is in fact cost him a penalty, 10 seconds of stop and go.
Philo concludes the feature race, passing the checkered flag in fifteenth place.
very positive after this first race that saw the young driver to show determination and grit for the whole duration of the trip. Although still far from the points, the test today highlighted the significant progress of Philo in terms of driving skills and vehicle handling and tire degradation.


Race 2

Very good race, albeit more conservative, even for Armand Philo. Started from fifteenth position the Indonesian pilot Trident House showed that he had a good feeling with his car although the weather and track conditions were not very favorable. The young Philo crosses the finish line earning a position with respect to the initial one, demonstrating un’incrementata experience and skills, advances that make all the Trident team very happy and purposeful.